Frequently Asked Questions

What sized paper is my map printed on?
Wander Country – B3 paper (353mm x 500mm)
The Wanderer – Custom (270mm x 1000mm)

Do you print on different paper sizes?
If you are interested in having a different paper size please get in contact.

What is screen printing?
Videos paint a thousand words – VIDEO

What ink do you use?
Water based acrylic.

My print is damaged.
Please contact me via email with photographs.

Can I return my print?
All sales are final. Each item is custom-made based on supplied information from the customer and is therefore non-returnable.
If any items are found to be faulty or incorrectly made, you must notify us within 48 hours of delivery to be eligible for a reprint.

Final approval
When you have purchased your map, we then receive the information you entered into the form via email.
We design your map digitally before sending you a PDF for final approval.

Is a frame included?
No. Framing is something you would have to complete separately.

How is my map delivered?
Each map is posted in strong recycled card tube, and wrapped in tissue paper.

How do I create a map?
We have a 'How to' page that helps breakdown the creative process and how to create your map.
If you have any further questions send us a quick message: Contact

Does my gift card expire?
No. Gift cards never expire.

Why are the Wander Country maps different prices?
Wander Country is a x2 colour print, which requires double the work at the printing stage.
Wander Country Pils & The Wanderer are single colour prints, meaning there is only one colour used.

Wander Country is also available as a digital print (NOT hand printed).