Messy process!

Ben Crane

At Wandermap we create each individual map buy hand. Its a long and messy process which requires patients and skill, and is not a matter of 'pressing print'. There are several different stages in creating each personalised map, and here is a small insight into that process:

  1. Create the digital design for each personalised map, using Adobe software. Then have black negatives of the design printed on perspex.
  2. Coat silk screen with an even layer of light sensitive emulsion paint before allowing to dry.
  3. Expose printed negative onto prepared silk screen, using UV exposure unit.
  4. Clean unset emulsion from silk screen with water to create 'stencil', and allow to dry.
  5. Set up print bed, tape screen + bed, mix chosen paint, and load dried screen into print arm.
  6. Apply ink to screen and print on scrap paper until ink is evenly coming through.
  7. Print onto fine paper until hearts content
  8. Clean up! Wash, spray, jet, scrub, dry, store! 

The screen printing process creates a very unique hand crafted finish, of which can't be matched on any digital printer. Each print is a piece of art in its own right, and should be enjoyed for its handcrafted tactility.
There is something very satisfying gained from creating each print, not necessarily just the final piece, but also this 'Messy process'.

Beer & Paper

Ben Crane

We've sourced some of the best paper stock around for our maps. Our new map, 'Wander Country Pils' is the first to be printed on the lovely Gmund range, from GF Smith.

"This remarkable paper from the Gmund mill is made using elemental chlorine free pulp and spent brewer grain. The names of the collection belie their origins: Lager, Pils and Ale are just three of the options. The gentle flecking of brewer's grain creates a unique surface with a hint of texture. Family owned since 1904, but with an ancestry extending back as far as 1829, the Gmund mill gets up to 75% of its electrical current using regenerative energy."

So not only are we using great quality paper for our prints, but offering a paper that is sustainable through the use of recycled ingredients, and made using a regenerative energy source!

Beer and paper, two things we really do love here at Wandermap!